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How Does Wedding Videography Work?
Most people don’t get married regularly, so the process of hiring vendors and how it all works might be a little bewildering. Here’s what will happen once you get in touch with me.
Introduce Yourself
Your first contact should include some basic information about your event, all in the contact form on this site. I will check the date of your wedding and see if I’m available on that day – if not, I’ll let you know quickly and point you in some directions that may help you find someone who is.
If I am available – yay! – I will send you an email with detailed Wedding videography pricing information. I’ll also send my next available date for a first meeting.
Let’s Meet
If, after looking over my info and the wedding videos we have done, you think we may be a good fit – we should get together and talk about your wedding! 
At the meeting, we will discuss your wedding timeline and photography-related priorities so that I can assess what kind of package would work best for you. My pricing is hourly based so it can be adjusted to your needs and budget. We will also talk about any ideas and questions you may have, and just get to know each other a bit so you can see that I’m not a serial killer.
Within a few days, you should get a preliminary contract based on the details from our meeting. You can look at the terms and see if you have any additional questions or changes you’d like to make. Once the contract is finalised and you’ve decided to move forward with me as your wedding videographer, you’ll send me a signed copy of the contract along with a 50% deposit. Once I receive both, the date is reserved for your wedding and you can start stressing about something else on your wedding planning list. Awesome!
Before The Big Day
Fast forward! It’s 2-4 weeks before your wedding. Already? Where did the time go?!
At this point, I will ask you for all the information I need and give you all the information you need. If you do have a written timeline, it’s a good idea to bring it. It is highly recommended to hire a wedding coordinator if you are having a full-day wedding with a guest size of more than 150 people.  
Let’s Do the Wedding Videography
Then I shoot the living daylights out of your wedding.
After The Big Day
Within 6-8 weeks, your highlights video will be available in an online link that you can share with friends and family so everyone can view them. In about another 6-8 weeks' time, your wedding full documentary video will be ready. I’ll mail you a USB drive of your videos in Full HD resolution or in 4K if you have chosen the 4K upgrade. 


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